Thursday, December 10, 2009

Experimental Boundaries

     I snagged my first book contract with a series of experimental writings that had the preliminary title of Human Symbol Abstraction.  The larger body of that series was a complex and surreal work on the machination of personality and subconscious in transformation during the maturity process that was called, Irrevolution.
     Irrevolution originally topped out at over 120 pages and I won my first award for this book-length paradigm of thought processes.  I was asked to edit and rework the form of the work for publication and throughout the years it has become true to its theme of transformation as it has changed and matured along with myself into an ever-changing and living piece of form.
     What began as a free-flowing and linear epic single poem has become a more reader-friendly and palatable series and sections of verse that can each stand alone or connect readily to the greater whole.  The following is the first piece and beginning of Irrevolution:


degrees to turn, a
                     gle and sweat
                          for subconscious measure (l e n g t h s

                                                                 v         s
                                                                  o      e
                                                                    l    m

                                                            per convergence)-

cognition's endless lines
                             that             t
                                             c                                        r
                                           e               perception's     i      c
                                         s                          endless c            l
                                       i                                             s    e
                                    b                                     to
effect degrees-
a conscious measure (and sometimes
                                                   one personal level more is
                                  but growth capacities
                                  change) of no  w   i   d   t   h , only  d
(or azimuth in the eyes
to the topography
                            of the mind).
                                   Learned things granted (inferred that way)
                                   charted (or forgotten away).
          Affect degrees
changing these charts-
                                 unsocial boundaries realigned,
                                   asocial portions pledged,
                                     social Fahrenheit realized-with
      all interactive motion
and force
reckoning (inner inching voices
                  outer peck noises): thought's
                                                heart move-
                                                                  ments in
on the response plane of active measure
(as a man believes and

Dark Adventure Archives 3

     We did a joint venture promo with Claypool Comics back in the late '90s for the Elvira, Mistress of the Dark comics.  You may not recognize her out of costume, but this is Cassandra Peterson, aka Elvira herself.  A bitingly funny gal and a blast to hang with.

     One very full handful is actress and model, Julie Strain, seen here during a fantastic promotional stint with Heavy Metal magazine.  She has an infectious laugh and makes the utmost of any occasion and truly has no fear.  She's currently married to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator, Kevin Eastman.

     A much too early in the morning visit with Traci Lords, actress and now, a new mom!  9am in Cali is 6am in my town and she glows while I glower.  Cast in many dramatic roles, I think her forte is comedy as she has spot-on timing.  Hi, Gunnar!


     I've just noticed that this blog has broken 1000 views on my analytics counter.  Thank you to the silent majority and please feel free to comment.  Sometimes Google's functions on the comment buttons are wonky, so press onward!
     Thank you, Analysa, for your in-depth analysis-your email was startling in its complexity and much enjoyed.  I will be starting up another couple of blogs soon.  I have been actively selling humor and comedic routines and I feel a walk on the bizarre side may be in order, along with a dip into screenwriting.  My time has been tight and it is my hope I can catch up here over the holidays.
     Be safe out there-