Sunday, October 25, 2009


     As Halloween approaches, we find our sensibilities surrounded by commercialized horror of every conception, lauding us to find high camp enjoyment in every nightmare. Great fun until the noise in the yard is not a cat, the scrape at the window not a tree branch and the scratching by the bedside not your own.

     Still, it all could very well be something innocuous. Or not. That base difference creates fear and it is thrilling and breathy and at the core, arousing.


     As a young man attempting to be a writer, I wished to understand further the aberrant side of human nature to not only successfully ferret out the truth but to also better protect myself and mine from it's dark machinations as it seemingly masked itself not unlike Halloween.

     Over the course of time, research and situational moments of random living I soon experienced more closely the blackness of the human condition and the breadth of evil's reach. I found that white seeps to gray and darkens to black all around us and inside us all of the time and at the heightened stages of stress, desire and passion or all three combined we have a Devil's mix of sex, grit and mayhem-a true Halloween every day. Just ask any cop.

     I find we are all base and gray in our moments of climax-especially sexual. It is only in how we choose to create that moment and then recover from it that we find ourselves waning into white or clouding into black...that it is in choice where we find our hearts...or lose them. We are all the same until a choice is made.

     One's experience of those choices may bring certain questions. Who are you face to face with another at passion's end? What presence and beingness do you bring to the party, at the party and afterwards? Good Halloween or Bad Halloween? I can only speak for myself.

     This next piece exists in those scant moments of climax in which we are all perhaps akin and alike. What is missing are the choices, for they are uniquely and individually the reader's. It has a tongue in cheek title and it is called:


     I'm on fire.
     Every body inch an undying flame consuming.
     My breath burns hot-
     Scalding winter air into misty fog glomming...
And I...
     my arms, my thighs are bathed indigo crimson-
     skin smoking with surface glow embers.
     Coals spark in my eyes crackling.
Fire is in my chest spreading.
Fire is on my lips licking.
Fire is in my loins boiling.
     I'm in flames. Truly.
Yet, inferno's night cools
and comforting as a lady's hand
it soothes.
     I become the blend of ice and heat
     that rules
     'til it ignites, engulfs
and again...I am fuel
for something that burns
and casts away home.
     I am a man
     in this red
     and I am doom
and we are naked together-
     our tongues tasting prey.

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