Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Romantic Era

     There exists several periods in my work where women, romance and passion surfaces as a recurring theme.  My heart was weaned on the Romantics, both in verse and art.  The emotions existing in this form are as no other and the experience in life of them are as no other.  Undoubtedly, I will post much from these periods and the work ranges from the classical in all love's orchestral and lyrical divinations to the modern blunt shock of sexual truisms.
     Once established, I began to delve into the experimental form and meters of the experiential use of wording, line and sound placements.  Some of my more abstract usages of form helped bring attention to my work which led to some early success.  There is a range from the simplistic to the arguably dense to the inviolate and some speak, some sing, some ice and some reveal.  Ultimately, it was my goal to give the reader a sense of experience in the work with a built-in soundtrack the mind hears with a flow the eye sees. 

The following is an early attempt:


She was dancing...
 hands rolling over
  turning and sliding
    gracefully dodging the air
      in careen and about
        bent poised back
          with her smooth neck straight
            her legs tilted
              swaying round and round
                of report to her spirit
                  swirling and pivoting
                    transparent veils wafting in
                     arcing free delight
                        choir lips singing
                          and her eyes wet glistening
                            in the dewy air staring
                              at me so far into me
                               as if to see if I'm drowning
                                she gazes while moving
                                swirls fingertip touches with
                                hands upward twirling
                                in air caress traces
                                a hip's slowing sway
                                fair gracefully motive
                                quiet padding feet
                                swishing nearer
                               leaping flying
                              landing at my feet rising
                            circling close I feel breathing
                          hear hair's rhythmic whispers
                        know passion splashed eyes
                      taste brine sweat of her body
                    wonder in this time
                   hope dream in this time
                 her placed kisses falling
               down a hot cheek trickling
             like sand pulling down through
           and tumbling into
         the hourglass' curved center
       as breasts dance light on my body
     she sifts chaffe from my knowledge
   beauty rises
 sand falls
like a man in his seduction.

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