Monday, October 26, 2009

A Graphic Novel

     Some years back, artist Jeff Austin and I were collaborating on several projects to shop around to comic publishers.  We had quite of bit of interest and had we let go of a few of them on spec they could have seen publication.  Unfortunately, I am a pay as you go kind of creator.  These hit the files as my time was stretched thin enough through my business and Jeff had numerous deadlines.

     STRINGS was a projected graphic novel or twelve issue mini-series.  It has since transformed and streamlined into a better structured work with different title and changed plot elements.  I have scanned the original proposals to show the first draft and give the reader a glimpse into the genesis of the synopsis, characters, plot, script and artwork that goes into such an endeavor. 

     It is of interest to note that we threw together this raw original proposal in 3 days due to our time constraints (and it shows).  These images run in order left to right-forgive the bit of uneven placements and sizing as I'm still getting the hang of HTML posting.  Click on the images to enlarge.



These 2 pages lists the characters of
the story along with their story profiles.

The following 4 pages are the encapsulated plot
 of the entire story and are edited for brevity.


These 4 pages are the writer's visualization
of the story complete with written direction of the
action, caption placement, etc. to serve as a guide to the artist.
These are for the first 3 pages shown realized below


Three pages of the fully realized penciled art done from the script.
The "x"'s note where black is placed for the inker.
The word balloons and captions are pasted in
with black backgrounds already printed.

This artwork is copyright @ 2002 by Jeff Austin
Jeff is an accomplished professional artist with 20 years published
experience in the comics industry.  For more of Jeff's work
click on his name in my Link section.

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